Katharine Love

Here is my bio.  Brevity is my new black, hence the sparseness of this page.

Mother of one alpha daughter and one circus puppy.

Lover of words, music and healing touch.

First time writer and somewhat reluctant blogger.

2 thoughts on “Katharine Love

  1. My daughter lives in Michigan and was recently terminated from her job after her partner informed her mother – who at the time was also my daughter’s employer – that she is a lesbian and in a relationship with my daughter. My daughter’s former employer is a Michigan-based representative of a medical equipment company based in the UK and incorporated in California (I don’t pretend to know how that works). My daughter is fearful that attempting legal action will result in her not receiving her final paycheck (she has yet to receive it). My understanding is individuals such as my daughter are covered under federal law regardless of public or private employment and foreign companies and their representatives operating in the US are liable for making employment decisions on the basis of sexual orientation.
    I hope to put my daughter in touch with an advocate.


    1. Eric:

      I am so sorry to hear about your daughter’s work situation. I would love to help, unfortunately I live in Canada and I am not familiar with the law in the States. However you might try LAMDA Legal; they provide council for lgbt men and women in the U.S.

      Their website is http://www.lambdalegal.org. I hope they can help .

      Good Luck!


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