Yesterday evening in my ongoing attempt to meet my beloved, I went to a nutrition course at my local Metropolitan Community Church. MCC is primarily an LGBT church, so I signed up for this course not for nutritional information but for the possibility of sitting next to a sexy dyke, sending her my love vibes as I ask her to pass the persimmon, or the parsley.

I came to class a bit late which was unusual for me as I tend to show up early, so I didn’t pay particular attention to the ‘No parking after 5 pm’  sign that was literally right in front of my car. In my defense, I am short and somewhat near-sighted so it wouldn’t have been organic for me to have looked up and again, I was rushing!

Since the class was only one hour long, I had brought my puppy Lucille with me, promising her a trip to the dog park after class.  I walked into to the church and then into a fairly dark room where the nutritionist was speaking to a group of ten people. The nutritionist was both strident and perky, two qualities that should never be brought together in one person.

 I found a seat and said hello to the group, strangely no one acknowledged my presence. I was getting a lot of hostile vibes sent my way, I understood that the nutritionist was in the middle of speaking, but felt a few seconds spent on acknowledging my presence would have gone a long way on making me feel comfortable and a part of the whole.

As the long hour was coming to a close, a man rushed into the church and pointed to me and said “The police are here with a tow truck, they are about to tow your car away along with your little dog!” I ran outside just in time to prevent my car with dog in tow, from being taken far far away. After thanking the man profusely, I asked him how he knew it was my car the police were going to tow away. He told me that he lived right across the street and had watched me go into the church next door.

I was so grateful, as this adventure in towing would have cost me over a hundred dollars not to mention traumatizing my poor little pooch. I drove away thinking how this one man’s small act of kindness had saved my ample ass big time.

This morning I walked down to Ollife’s in Rosedale to buy some eggs for my breakfast. When I went to the front counter to pay for the eggs the young man who was serving me took my carton and opened the crate to see if any of the eggs were cracked. I was impressed with his diligence and commented. He told me that his mother had taught him to be thorough and that he knew I would be upset when I came home and found one of the eggs had cracked. How lovely!

I felt very cared for in both the above situations, realizing how these small micro-moments of kindness, strung together like tiny Christmas lights, make me feel more connected to my own well of kindness.

After eating my delicious eggies, I decided to write this tiny blog where I (hopefully!) inspire a micro- kindness movement. No big gestures necessary. Perhaps you ask the elderly woman in front of you at the check out line if she needs help carrying her groceries to the car. Perhaps you smile and say hello to the man who takes your subway token as you make your way to work. Perhaps you stop to hold the door open for a mom struggling to hold the hand of her rambunctious toddler.

Really any small gesture of kindness will suffice, just begin!