I’m lying prostrate in my bathtub balancing my phone carefully so as not to drop it in the water. I have 10, 000 problems and I don’t want electrocution to be the 10,001.


However in the minuscule likelihood that my being electrocuted should come to fruition,  I will have zero problems as I will be dead.


Sorry for the sharing delay but my mind meandered. Mea culpa. Back to me in the tub at 8:54 p.m. as the water in my bath gets colder and colder but again, I digress. Sinus headache. Bad sinus headache. Four gold liquid gel caps kind of sinus pain and still no relief and frankly I’m over it. I have heard that orgasm helps relieves headache pain, and if I could suddenly procure a lesbian of a certain age and vintage who is willing to experiment for science, I would.


Alas and alack as fate would have it, I am still here and still queer and still just hanging with my tribe of three: me, myself and I.


I am a resilient bunny however, not unlike the pink one seen on those battery commercials. I will keep on going and going and going, until I find a cure for my debilitating headaches. In the meantime all this talk of batteries has given me an idea…