darling : i have waited all my life

for you

i must be honest

here my love there were times


when i thought you would never appear

yet here you are

bones and pulse and skin


no longer a figment

a fragment a fervent wish

the totality of your love

forces me to acknowledge

(slowly, ever so slowly)

that i am deserving of kindness

and a place in this world.


memories of menemsha

the winter of our content

searching for sea glass

on the frozen sand

the two of us laughing

warmth against the cold.


i lose myself in the depth

in the deep of you

feeling joined in a way

i’ve never felt before –

my own unified theory


i breath you in

laying my head gently

on your welcome chest.


I can rest

easy now

knowing that

you will be here

a heart without question

someone to watch over me.