What Love Is: A Poem In Three Parts

                 Part One

It’s 2:30 in the morning and once again

I’m in the bathtub

trying to relax,

trying to heat myself up

so that I may fall back to sleep,

when I realize suddenly

how thirsty I am.

I just can’t bring myself to leave

my now perfectly warmed

rose scented bath.


   Part Two

This is the moment where I wish

I had a partner to whom

I could whisper softly

through the open door so

as not to disturb our neighbours…

“Darling, darling, wake up! Can you

please bring me a tall glass of cool water

along with those juicy looking figs

that we  bought this evening

from St. Lawrence Market?”


Part Three

Love is a verb.

Love is not kissing your wife’s picture

whilst extolling her virtues.

Love is getting out of your comfortable

cozy bed at 2:30 in the morning because

you hear Love’s voice in the guise of your wife breaking through your slumber,

imploring you to please please,

bring a tall icy glass of water with some figs to the bathroom

for your beloved.