Perpetual Victim

Be quiet. Be quiet.

I told you –


You are weird. You are ugly. You are strange.

Be normal. Be pretty. Be happy.

Always be nice. Always say thank- you, even if you

aren’t grateful, especially if you aren’t grateful.

Take it – You deserved it- You are a feral thing.

Don’t act like an animal. Act like a good girl.

Act like a good girl.

Marry well. Marry wealth. Marry a man.

Money is important. Power is important. Love is not important.

He yells? So did mine.

He hits? So did mine.

You deserve to be choked –

You are making me mad –

You did this to me –

I should die if I’m lying.

I have friends, you don’t.

I am right, you aren’t.

Be like me – perpetual victim.