darling :
long have i waited
for you
to arrive.

truthfully my love
there were times
days months years
when i thought you would never be

yet here you are
bones and pulse and skin
no longer a figment
a fragment
a fervent wish.
slowly ever so slowly –

the depth of your devotion
forces me to acknowledge
that i am deserving of kindness
and a place in this world.


gazing into your
ocean grey eyes
memories of
menemsha in the winter
the two of us
warmth against the cold.


surrendering to the pleasure
losing myself
in the depth
in the deep of you
feeling joined in a way
i have never before felt
my own unified theory.

i breath you in
resting my head
on your welcome chest
knowing you will always be
a heart without question
someone to watch over


katharine angelina love