I woke up this morning with this thought bouncing around my brain32246_1437130535649_449784_n. Maybe, I can make peace with everyone and everything just as they are. So Honey drives me apeshiite craycray? As Annie Hall famously has said ‘ ladida ladida’ .

So I am depressed and desperate waiting for my bashert ( yiddish for ‘the one’) to show the fuck up already? Yupperoo. This is where I am and where I should be , and all is as it is, and as it shall be. And me running around to lesbian meetups ( lesbians who are introverted extroverts, lesbians who love canasta, lesbian ladies that lunch, lesbian ladies that munch) just increase my angst ten fold. For she will appear when she is supposed to and all my kvetching and praying to Venus Aphrodite and Sappho will not make her show up one second before it was written, long long ago before I even incarnated here on this very earth, in this very  lifetime. 
This is what I know to be true, that my soul chose this life to grow and heal and hopefully to also laugh and learn and love and to make love even though it feels like a lifetime ago and that freaks the freak out of me. I am ok as I am, and so is everyone else, so in the great words of John Lennon and Paul McCartney ‘ When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be.’